the project team

transImagine is a project by

i+k burgbacher
art + media

transImagine shows Beuys 'Plastic Theory' within the framework of an interactive hyper media technology.
It is an experiment to stage the structure of the work, its evolution, the understanding of material/art processes.
Conceptional relationships can be experienced differently, can be made visual, giving way to new seeing and
questioning of art productions.

transImagine is an anthology of individual associations, a workshop on a complex concept of art.
To a large extent transImagine is based on documents from René Block and our own archive.

Authors of transImagine:
Ingrid Burgbacher-Krupka, Konrad Burgbacher (
Giovanni Baruzzi, Gianni Caravaggio, Antonio Ortiz, Jan Posininsky, Ulrike Reinert


Supported by:
IBM Germany, Hewlett Packard Böblingen, KUNST+PROJEKTE Sindelfingen e. V.

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