"teaching and learning as performing arts" (Robert Filliou)

Bazon Brock drew the diagram in a seminar after a presentation of transImagine at Wuppertal University.

It is an unclarified question: what is the work of art? The sculptures (in museums, collections) together with the activities stressing the context of art (and life), research of the art historians, and the public reactions (critics, art market) are all part of the art and constitute the work (the extended term of art - Beuys). But too often specific aspects (the drawings of... or the performances of...) are being dealt with and presented while the interweave remains hidden. An individual's view and understanding of the work is blocked.

Where, at what instances is art being received? New media foster methods of entering all elements of an art process into a pool out of which a space is developed that mirrors the artist's concept not by duplicating images onto a monitor screen but having the recipient unfold in every element the experience of the work structure. Thinking can proceed in entities, in ways that were necessary to create the work.

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